To use or not to use….cosmetics .

A discussion popped up in a group of which I am a member . The burning question of the day was: should female clergy wear makeup?

Seriously— I am shocked an appalled at this being a discussion point.

Now what I want to know is why is this even being discussed?  Men, of any job description or vocation, are not pressured to paste their faces with gooey cosmetics in order to appear ” better-looking”. So, why are we still talking about women and our choices to either wear or abstain from make-up?

For the record, I am a cosmetics minimalist.  I always wear a bit of foundation { with sunscreen to protect my skin} and occasionally a bit of lip gloss. I have not gone with a full face of make-up since high school. Granted  I am blessed with some great genes , but even if I had not hit the skin-health lottery I would be a make-up minimalist. I do not tolerate the heavy feeling of eye makeup, and most foundation is too oily for my sensitive Irish-American complexion. As a matter of fact, I am also picky about which lip gloss brands I can tolerate; and I never, ever wear heavy lipstick.

If women want to go with a full face of make-up every day; that is their choice. If we hate make-up and choose to bare our facial skin every day, that s fine . Some of us, such as myself, get by with the absolute minimal of facial products.

The following photo is one of me and Best Dude at the ordination of a dear friend of ours back in 2013. Even in my ” special occasion” dress, I get by with the minimalist look


Of course, Best Dude is wearing no make-up. Which brings me to another point: why can men NOT wear facial cosmetics if they so desire? But that’s another topic for another day.

Come on people, this is 2017!



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