The Making Of A Priest


On Saturday, August 19 I will travel with some parishioners for the ordination of a dear friend to the Priesthood in the one catholic, universal  Church. I’ll call her ” M”.

“M” ‘s friendship and support through the years has and continues to be instrumental for my own discernment. I am so proud of her and excited for the Church and especially her parish. She’ll be a great Priest.

I am such a church nerd and the Ordination of a Priest is one of my a” time favorite Book of Common Prayer services. Let’s take a closer look at some of the words in this rite.

By far, the part of the liturgy that causes happy tears every time is during the Consecration. the life of clergy is not easy, and the vows that “M” will take on Saturday carries high expectations. Clergy are fallible people; and I love them for their individual brokenness as a sister or fellow human. At the same time, Episcopal and Roman Catholic clergy take specific vows.

Check it out :

As a priest, it will be your task to proclaim by word and deed
the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to fashion your life in
accordance with its precepts. You are to love and serve the
people among whom you work, caring alike for young and
old, strong and weak, rich and poor. You are to preach, to
declare God’s forgiveness to penitent sinners, to pronounce
God’s blessing, to share in the administration of Holy
Baptism and in the celebration of the mysteries of Christ’s
Body and Blood, and to perform the other ministrations
entrusted to you.

In all that you do, you are to nourish Christ’s people from the
riches of his grace, and strengthen them to glorify God in this
life and in the life to come.

My sister, do you believe that you are truly called by God
and his Church to this priesthood?
I believe I am so called.

{ This chokes me up every time; as discernment is a long, arduous and intensely personal process that requires someone to open up his or her life to the Bishop, the vestry of the sponsoring congregation, and the Commission on Ministry of the Diocese}

Do you now in the presence of the Church commit
yourself to this trust and responsibility?
I do.

Wow. . Those are some intense vows.

The life of clergy isn’t easy; and those who make and uphold these vows do so knowing full well that they are human. We humans are prone to err; and clergy are no exception. I love the clergy in my life; and I honor their humanity by accepting that they will make mistakes. Clergy have answered a tough vocation; and deserve compassion when they do err.

In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen


Feast Of St Julian of Norwich AD 2017