In the Midst of Chaos…. be a Helper

One of the few TV shows that my parents would allow me to view as a small child was PBS’ Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.  This gentle, fatherly fellow Pittsburgh native was instrumental in reinforcing the values instilled in me by my parents.

I am too old to remember the exact context, but I remember one show when Mr Rogers was talking to his TV audience about bein scared. He said something to the effect of :

“When things are scary in your life look for the helpers”

Look for the helpers. While this is very good advice for a small child, as mature Christians our duty is to be a helper. Look for helpers and join them in their efforts.

In the crazy  and unstable world in which we live, I am reminded that there are good people in our midst. While some people preach division and hatred; others are countering that message with one of total love and reconciliation. While some seek to divide humanity into factions based on race, gender economic status, sexuality; there are those of us who actively seek to unite the human race.

In this political climate I find myself both looking for the helpers and seeking ways to BE a helper.

My former boss, second father figure and lifelong mentor is fond of saying :

“No one will do it for you, Kiddo”

Lately I have been meditating on what the next step in my walk with Christ shall be; and I know that God will show me how I am to be a helper. Like Queen Esther it is now my time to stand up for what is right. We can’t let the darkness win and all of us are called to be helpers. Like my lifelong mentor, Bill, I hear God clearly telling me ” No one will do it for you, Kiddo

I am called to be a helper. And I trust that the Holy Spirit will guide me in discerning exactly what that means for the second half of my life.

Work towards SHALOM, y’all.