I am ______________

I have some of the most thought-provoking Facebook friends. A gal who goes to my parish posted a status from which I edited and recopied to suit my needs.

It  deals poignantly with last week’s Gospel lesson. It got me to thinking, who am I? Who are any of us? What labels do we place upon ourselves ; and what labels do others give us?

“To name oneself is one of the most powerful acts any human person can do. A name provides identification as well as being a conceptual framework, a point of reference, a mental construct used in thinking, understanding, and relating to persons, ideas, movements. ”
I am Sarah Beth
I am Eastern-European Jewish
I am Irish
I am Anglo-Catholic
I am a straight ally for the GLBTQ community
I am female
I am a writer
I am a dog-parent
I am a daughter
I am a sister
I am a feminist
I am an aunt
I am human

As people, we are way more complex than those labels that we give ourselves and others. But nonetheless, labels help us describe parts of our identity. 

We are all HUMAN.

Humans are complex.

For instance, most people think that one person simply cannot claim both Jewishness and any form of Christianity. In my case this is not true. I come from both Abrahamic traditions and I am proud of all of my heritage. While I am a practicing Christian, I never deny the Jewishness with which I am blessed. My Jewish heritage does not negate my Christian faith at all. Quite the contrary, I’ve discovered that my Jewish heritage augments my faith in Christ; I fee as though I am connected to the world in which He grew up.  For instance, His mother was Jewish and so is mine.

Humans tend to want to box each individual into a few neat little categories. But, thanks be to God, we are way more complex than any sorting system . Unlike the _Harry Potter_ universe, ours is a world where people’s identities are not only one of four ” houses”.

God love all God’s Creation. That includes every single human. 

As my Bishop says “Be who you are, nothing more and nothing less. God made you, God loves you.”