Tears as a Gift, not a Curse

It has been an emotionally, spiritually charged week for me. As one blogger posted yesterday, she is ” on overload”.

Yesterday I broke down and had an “ugly cry”. You know, the type of crying jag that leaves puffy, bloodshot eyes, red cheeks and a snotty nose. Yup, I cried— and it felt cleansing. After the tears dried, I felt cleansed of all the stress of the past few weeks leading up to our move to town. This move has been fraught with one challenge after another, and coupled with the domestic and world news drama– I am emotionally spent.

Yet modern society wants us to believe that tears are for weak people . I disagree. Tears are a healthy and natural way for we humans to release pent-up anger, fear, , aggression and other negative emotions that can chafe our soul.

Scripture tells us that Jesus wept but what about the tears of His Mother? She bore God-as-Human, all the while being totally human herself. Our Lord and Savior, though fully , God, was born of a woman just like any human. He, King of Kings, has a mother .

On this Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin into Heaven, I cannot help but reflect on the Blessed Mother, and the tears she must have shed during her earthly lifetime.

Scripture is silent on this matter, but I cannot help but think that Mary Mother of Christ, had many occasions to cry throughout her adulthood.

For instance, when the angel Gabriel announced to her that she, who had never ” known” a man, is pregnant via the Holy Spirit what do you think she did? After she said “YES”  I am sure her worry and fear for her unborn baby was many times greater than any other human mother. I am sure she cried tars of joy and tears of anxiety. After all , her baby was to be Emmanuel, God Incarnate! That is so much responsibility for any woman to bear; especially a poor young Jewish woman in a land occupied by Romans.

Perhaps she cried when Jesus ran off  and she and St Joseph could not find Him for three days. I am not a parent but every  I get an ‘ Amber Alert’ about a missing child in Florida my heart leaps in concern.

We know she wept when Jesus was put to death on the Cross. For a parent to outlive a child must be one of the most horrible things to happen to some. This Mother saw her Son mocked, beaten and eventually murdered as a common criminal.

Today, the Church Universal celebrates Mary’s Assumption into Heaven, where she is with her Son, our Savior forever.

We too, look forward to that Promise. I am sure there will be happy tears.


In the Name of the Father, Son , and Holy Ghost.