QOTW: Why the cover-up?

I am angry and sad regarding the most recent indictment of 300 Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania. 18 of those are from my hometown. I scanned the names of the accused, and thankfully did not see any familiar names .

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way bashing Roman Catholicism. As a matter of fact, I have a great love for the faith of my Irish kin and ancestors. I am aware that no ecclesiastical body is without some sort of sin in its leadership.

I hate that these people were permitted to stay in a position of trust while continuing to abuse children. Why is there not some provision in the Roman branch of the Church to defrock these predators. One child abused is too many— yet again and again the Roman Catholic hierarchy insists on covering up the sins committed by some of their clergy. These predators eventually die off— and the ” lucky” ones never have to face any sort of punishment for their horrendous crimes.

Yes, I am angry. I don’t have an answer for those whose lives were ruined by men wearing Roman collars. My heart goes out to the many faithful , decent Roman Catholic priests who now will be suspect due to the horrible behavior of a few.

I blame the Roman Catholic bishops for not protecting the Church and society’s youngest , most vulnerable people. They have the power to remove and defrock those and allow the civil court to prosecute them as the criminals they are. Yet they merely choose to shuffle these priests around like a bad peanut.

A broken system cannot be fixed unless the people at the top of they system admit that it is broken. Sliding big problems under the proverbial rug only makes room for more problems in the future.

In the case of the Roman Catholic Church— this means that more children will continue to be harmed by people who took vows to tend to the spiritual needs of everyone in their care.

Lord have mercy.



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