Since the 2016 election I’ve seen a resurgence of ” woman power”. My guess is that this new wave of feminism is a result of the rise of the Far Right– an ideology that espouses the absurd notion that  all the power should be concentrated to white straight American men.

I have been a feminist long before November 2016. Yet recently I have been made aware of some of the struggles our foremothers faced daily.

Now , more than ever in my life, I need feminism.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT “HATE” white, straight men. As a matter of fact , I consider many of them good friends and brothers-in-Christ and I am married to one.  Feminism DOES NOT EQUAL MALE-BASHING.

Ok, now that I made my disclaimer , let me list why feminism is more relevant now than any other time in my 40-plus years on Earth.

~ I am learning from my experience working on a Congressional campaign that many people see our candidate’s gender as a deterrent— they honestly believe that a white man is ” safer” because he is male. Congress is still very much a ” good ol’boys’ club” and it takes brave women to challenge people’s perceptions of what a Congressperson should look like. I would volunteer for my candidate’s campaign even f she were a man– but the fact that she’s a woman only adds to her awesomeness, at least in my opinion.

dr Jen

~ Without feminism , and the bravery of 11 women in 1976 Philadelphia, there would be no women answering their calls to be Episcopal clergy. I believe that God calls PEOPLE  to ordained life in the Church– regardless of gender. I know so many fine priests of both genders, and our Church would be the poorer if only men were able to answer God’s call to be deacons and priests.


Feminism brought us bishops who are women and eventually we had the first woman archbishop in the history of Anglicanism.


Me with Bishop Katharine 2009

~ I need feminism because some men, especially men in positions of power, assume it is okay for them to touch a woman without her consent.  I am grateful for the #MeToo movement for finally bringing out into the open the rampant sexual assault of women.{Thank you, Hollywood}

~ My nephew, age 5, needs feminism so he will grow up to respect girls and women.

~My niece, age 3, needs feminism to teach her that NO ONE has the right to touch her without her consent and that she can grow up to be anything she desires to become.

~Feminism gives women agency over our reproductive lives. Doe to our foremothers, women have access to birth control methods and the days of women dying from botched back-alley illegal abortions are over. Although I would never have chosen abortion, I firmly believe that it is a choice to be made by the pregnant woman .

Women make up half the population of the Earth. Therefore, we all need feminism .


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