Be Whom You Are: Part One Autistic Liberal


” Things do not change. We change. Henry David Th

My name is Sarah and at the age of ” over 40″ I am FINALLY growing into the woman God intended for me to be all along. It’s been quite a wild journey, and I cannot thanks my parents , my spouse, my friends and parish family , & my amazing rector for encouraging and at times demanding that I grow into who I am.

I am Autistic.

While some people think that my autism -and I am really what is known as high-functioning autistic-makes me unable to deal with certain stressors, I am proving everyone wrong. Back in October I was not the strong, confident, capable woman I am right now and I am sorry that my potential for growth was missed . While that is ” water under the bridge” as they say now I have learned to never  let anyone’s perception of me alter my own confidence in my abilities.

Surrounding myself with strong, capable, and beautiful in all senses of the word women has helped me realize my God-given potential. I’ve learned that behind every badass ” Wonder Woman” I know is a story of struggle. We women are like tea— ya never know how strong we can be until steeped in ” hot water”.

I have said before that I identify strongly with butterflies. As a matter of fact, I must be a species of butterfly who spends a painfully long time in her chrysalis.

I am not the person you knew six months ago… last year , or surely not  the shy wallflower that I was in middle and high school.

This past election cycle has taught me that I am NOT moderately-liberal. Rather, I am very liberal. Since Best Dude and I have moved to Pensacola, I’ve found more of ‘ my people’. In our old community, I had to hide my liberalness— as being liberal in Navarre is like having social leprosy. No one wants to be around you.

While Pensacola surely has her share of MAGA adherents , I’ve found more like-minded people here– people among whom I can let my liberal hippie chick freak flag fly!


Maybe mid-life is later than most for growing into my butterfly wings. But at least I finally broke out of the constricting chrysalis. With God’s help, and the encouragement and collective wisdom of my sister ” Wonder Women”.

I am strong.

I am smart.

I can be fierce when crossed.

I am a blue dot in an overwhelmingly red region.

I am Woman; hear me ROAR!



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