Christian Activism is Different

I am an activist. The rights of all marginalized persons is important to me.

More importantly, I am an activist who is also a disciple of Jesus Of Nazareth.

Anyone who wants to make the world a better place for all persons is working for a noble cause.

Yet as a Christ-carrier and follower, my activism is held under a different lens.

Christ commands us to care for those whom society leaves behind.

My activism requires me to watch how those sister and fellow activists treat one another.

In addition, my Christianity calls for me to get out of my comfort zone and walk where Jesus might have walked. My faith requires me to look at my activities and say” how are my sister and brother comrades treating each other”

In order to work as Christian activists, we need to put aside our natural petty differences and work together.

If we look to Christ’s leadership as an example for our own work, it is important to not that no one person’s agenda is the ” right agenda”. Any work that makes life better for marginalized persons is good work.

To disagree is human, especially among activists. It is human nature to have our pet projects, and we all see life through our lens of experience. But Jesus’ actions when He was alive show us a different sort of activism. He associated with all sorts of people, He didn’t just limit His ministry to Jews; although He was Jewish.

His Jewishness did not make him exclude people from other tribes.  Like all of us, Jesus had to learn that His work on Earth is to serve all of humanity.  Look at the story of the Samaritan woman arguing with Jesus in John’s Gospel. This shows a very human Savior learning a valuable life lesson: that there are others outside His ethnic group that need His help.

Christ calls us to activism, but He also calls us to a higher standard of living.


Wednesday of Holy Week 2018


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