Phoebe The Out-of-Place Polar Bear

Attention readers: I am starting on a new creative project. I am going to create an original story book for my nephew and niece.

At our last Convention of my Diocese I bought myself a cute little stuffed polar bear. The price was right and I think she is cute.

Her name is Phoebe; her namesake is named after the woman in Scripture who was called ” deacon”.

Note that I said ” DEACON”, not ” DEACONESS”.

This is Phoebe:

phoebe thecla

As I go to different points of interest around the City of Pensacola and surrounding three-county area, I will snap photos of Phoebe visiting these places. She’s already been to the docks in Destin , she rode with us when Best Dude and I did some errands.

Phoebe was going to go to Mass with me this morning, but the rainy weather factored in my choice to leave her at home for today.

I look forward to this new endeavor with joyful anticipation and my goal is to have this book finished by Christmas time. We shall see if I can make my deadline.




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