“Wonder Women”

March is Women’s History   {or should I say HERstory} month.

I am grateful for all the women who have gone before me.

Women who fought for voting rights. Every time I go to the polling place to vote, I am reminded that, for a long time, people of my gender were not afforded the right to participate in the democratic process. I do not take my right to vote for granted.

Women who were among the first in their classes of medical school.

Scholars who were the first in their fields to contribute to science.

Brave women who joined men as equals in all branches of our Armed Forces.

Women who take on the ” boys’ club “that is the US political scene.

And, a big one for my life, women clergy. The first women were ordained to the Epsicopal priesthood in July of 1976. Since I was born in May of that year, this holds special significance to me.

I am blessed with many ” wonder women ” in my life. These ladies encorage and challenge me daily to be the best Sarah Beth I can be.

I am, however, mindful of my white, straight, cis-gender privlege. It is easy to fall into the trap of being a ” white feminist” when one has benefited from a system of white, straight, cis-gender privlege.

I’ve never had anyone question my gender, since I express myself as a traditionally ” feminine” person.  In public, I can safely use the restrooms assigned to the gender to which I identify.

As a straight women, I enjoy privlege of being partnered with a man. No one ever told me, or will tell me, that Best Dude and I cannot be recognized as a couple.

Since I am  {very}  White, I do benefit from racism.

March is Women’s History  {HERstory?} month, and we should celebrate the accomplishments of all women. 

Namaste y’all.



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