I really hate politics.

In spite of my hatred for politics as they are in, I found myself  with a friend from my parish, on a bus to Tallahassee at 3 AM  Central Time . The purpose of this bus trip was to march to the State Capitol and sit in on a legislative hearing regarding upcoming bills regarding SENSIBLE gun laws in Florida.

Approximately 500 voters and future voters descended upon the Capitol from all corners of Florida on Monday morning. Many have come from even further than the Panhandle, we ate breakfast with two women who journeyed all the way from Key West to make their voices heard .


Dressed in our ugly orange shirts, we marched from the Civic Center at FSU to the steps of the State Capitol, where we heard speakers, including students from the Parkland high school.


{ At this point I was totally grateful that I’d brought my tough rain coat as my shoes, along with everyone else’s footwear, was soaked}

We went to our esteemed State Senator’s office to tell him our views on the need for an assault rifle ban and were met by his aide. Honestly, I do not know how these people sleep at night as this guy ; he did not answer ANY of our questions regarding our state senator’s views on assault rifles. To add insult to injury, just as we were leaving, State Senator shows up– some of our Northwest Florida contingency  tried to catch him and the dude literally runs away from us. 

After lunch we returned to the Capitol to sit in on a legislative hearing regarding bills that might come before the entire legislature. In spite of some heartbreaking testimony from members of the Rally To Tally contingency , the committee voted to not let the proposed bill banning assault rifles advance to the floor for a vote.

Today we learn of yet another shooting, this time on a college campus in Michigan. On this same day, the Florida House and Senate voted to have public school employees carry loaded firearms to school.

I think Jesus would weep if He was here now.

Yet I refuse to give up or to ” let it go” . While I am not Blessed with children of my own, I AM an Auntie to tow fabulous small humans. For their sake, and for the sake of the Gospel, I cannot and shall not back down regarding the matter of safe and responsible gun ownership in Florida.