To BE Church is to BE Active and Engaged

As many people know, Best Dude and I returned from Convention yesterday afternoon. To be honest, I am still processing everything that occurred  in Destin, FL this past Thursday through Saturday.

The theme of this Year’s Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of The Central Gulf Coast was Being Church. As part of living out this theme, we packed food to be given away to organizations that feed hungry people in our Diocese.

Even our Bishop got involved .

Check out the photo:


During her sermon today, my rector said ” Being the Church is more than words.”

Amen, Amen, a thousand times AMEN!

Words alone will not suffice. Worship alone, even the Sacraments, is not enough to live fully alive and like Jesus, our Rabbi and LORD. Jesus went out into His community and served others, oftentimes others whom ” polite society” viewed with scorn . As Jesus’ followers, we are called to do likewise. Scripture is full of stories of Jesus hanging out with those  in His society, were the ” outcasts”.

Jesus did not hang out with the ” in crowd” .

To BE is an ACTION verb. 

” Being Church” requires much more than going to Mass weekly. Our Sacraments equip us to go into our neighborhoods and serve others in Christ’s Name. Our faith compels us to see the face of our LORD and rabbi, Jesus Christ, in all persons. Being church requires that we, in the Name of Christ, engage with our communities.

I am blessed to be a part of a congregation that does engage with others. From our relationship with a neighboring elementary school across the street from the church property to an ongoing, long-term relationship with the people of a small village in Haiti, we are ” Being Church” As a matter of fact, one reason Best Dude and I chose our current parish when we moved to town is the engagement with others that is done daily by our members. My servant’s heart is full when I come home from engagement, in the Name of Christ, with our community .

Second Sunday of Lent, 2018


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