Prayers for C’ville.

I am angry, hurt and baffled.

Are will still in The Year Of Our LORD 2017 or did we take a ride in a time machine back to prewar Europe?

Honestly, I am not sure. The images I see on my TV and computer remind me of a time when my Mother’s ancestors were arrested in the middle of the night and whisked away to death camps.

” White Nationalists” are NAZIS. Nazis are dangerous. Rather than Jewish Europeans these Nazis target non-white Americans.

Call a spade a spade; or in this care Nazis as Nazis.

As an American Christian with European Jewish heritage; I do not use the word ” Nazi” flippantly.  But take a look at the Charlottesville marchers and tell me that they do not follow Herr He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named.

KKK meets BLM

What is even scarier is that many of them engage in this hatred in the Name of Our Lord, Emmanuel. The Lord Whom they say they follow is one Who came to this Earth in the Person of a brown-skinned, poor, working-class  son of an unwed teenager.

Newsflash : Jesus was NOT WHITE!

My prayers are with the city of Charlottesville and her people. Yet I have no warm feelings for the Nazis and those who silently condone their actions. The Charlottesville Nazi demonstration is just a small part of a BIG race-relations.

No, I shall NOT be silent on this matter. If I had a pulpit from which to preach, I would talk about how we followers of Jesus owe it to our Savior to work towards racial reconciliation. Christ was not born, lived , died a cruel death and was gloriously resurrected so that only rich white and heterosexual people. 

This is NOT a movement about ” heritage “. It is a racist, hateful movement that is truly neo-Nazi. White Nationalists are the worst kind of threat to the “shalom” that we Christ-followers are working towards. They seek to divide humanity and will use propaganda in order to call attention to their twisted version of America.




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