” Motherhood” and Transfiguration

I am a proud ” Mother”

No, I never gave birth to a human child; nor have I adopted one. But, as I am finding out, there are many ways for ALL Christian women to ” mother”.

Let me brag a bit. One of my former youth who grew up at the church Best Dude and I attended before transferring to Beach Parish announced that she has been accepted to graduate school in her chosen field.

I’ve known this young lady since her middle school days, and I am so proud  to see her work towards her goals and follow her dreams. She is an exceptional young lady and I know her parents , sisters and pretty much anyone else who knows her is proud of her also. As she continues to grow I look forward to walking beside her in her journey.

I’ve been blessed with women { men too, but especially women} who are helping me realize my God-given talents. I’m middle-aged and finally becoming the human God has intended for me to become.  Due to my autism and other health problems; I’ve ” come of age” much slower than most people. My life of faith has NOT been a straight line; it has more plot twists than I care to count. But it is my journey and I own it with pride.

As a person with autism, I’ve often been overlooked in the past, and it has only been on the past four years that my God-given gifts have emerged. God places people in all our lives to walk with us and nurture us while we grow into the unique disciple of Christ that we are called to become. My young friend has many who have encouraged, nurtured , chastised and comforted her over the years and she is becoming a wonderful servant-leader.

Like the monarch butterfly we begin life as larvae. Then, we go into the chrysalis stage; appearing dormant while much growth and change occurs. Then we emerge as a full-grown butterfly and spread our wings.

I am that baby butterfly who is finally realizing that she can fly. And I thank my spiritual ” mothers” for staying beside me as I slowly try out my wings of ministry. My young friend is also trying out her wings, and I am here for her as she flies.


Feast Of the Transfiguration 2017


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