The Spiritual Practice of ” Purging”

Best Dude and I are due to close on BOTH our current home and the home in town on 31 August.  Providing that Bank issues our small loan, we will officially become Urban Dwellers in three weeks.

It has been a whirlwind of activity in our lives. The current house is all askew— Best Dude painted the wall behind the couch { it had some chips in it from our heavy couch}

This past week I packed most of my clothing— leaving out only the few garments that I need to wear during our remaining time in Unincorporated , Florida.  As I piled clothing  into the PACK  pile , I also created a PURGE  pile. The closets in the three small bedrooms in the new house are small; so small that Best Dude will use the closet in the master bedroom and I shall use the one in our designated home office.

Purging is a necessity when one is moving to al smaller space , but I’ve discovered that purging also is good for the soul. Americans, myself included, collect way too much ‘stuff’ that just gets buried in a closet { or drawer} and/or gets thrown haphazardly into a storage unit. Downsizing into a smaller living space requires me to look at each item of clothing and honestly assess whether or not I will wear it. The same principle applies to shoes– I’ve tossed several pair of worn-out footwear into the trash. Since I am a small woman; my clean and gently used clothing will go to a local thrift store whose profits help feed hungry citizens in Unincorporated, Florida. My shoes were not worth donating, so I filed them into the circular file.

My closet is emptier, but my heart is full.



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