“New ” House Update

Best Dude and I am swimming in an endless sea of paperwork.

We are still one month out from our move to the city, and yesterday we had the inspection in our Pensacola home. Thankfully this was not as arduous as I’d feared; and I loved  poking around in the  ” new house” { it was built in 1965} The man who inspected our new place was nice— much nicer than the guy who inspected the house in which we currently reside.

The inspector found a few things that we need to fix { the seller sold the place ‘ as is’ which basically means she is not paying for any needed repairs. The only disconcerting thing that worries me is the adorable gas fireplace lacks a vent. When the inspector turned on the fireplace to see if it worked , gas immediately leaked into the house.  So, until we get the fireplace fixed, there will be no marshmallow-roasting at Cute Cottage. At any rate, I am so delighted that our house in town has a fireplace.

Best Dude wants to build a shed/workshop somewhere on the property, so we’ll probably spend a heck of a lot more time in Lowes’  and Home Depot than I would wish to spend. { I am so not a do-it-yourself kind of woman!} The house also lacks a cover for Blue Truck, so we will also need to add some sort of car port to protect the vehicle.

Anyway, that’s the #OperationPensacolaBound update.


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